Qarrot Just Got Faster and Easier to Use

With summer in full swing, we thought some refreshments were in order! So we’ve made Qarrot even easier to navigate thanks to our new, smarter, and more compact menu.

Rest assured that all of the menu items you love remain in place! However, we’ve neatly re-organized many items as subsections under the following main sections: Incentives, Manage, Budget, Reports, and Resources. This applies to Administrators (those who sign up for their company’s Qarrot account). We’ve made similar changes to the menu for Managers.

Let’s have a closer look at the changes –

In the new Incentives section:


Create and manage incentive campaigns as you’ve always done.

Direct Awards:

Give employees ‘spot awards’ using our recently added Direct Awards feature. Now more conveniently located right under Incentives, you can reward employees on the ‘spot’ with a prize of Qarrots and a personal note in just a few clicks.

In the new Manage section:

Add or edit your Templates (for campaigns), Locations, Employees, and Prizes. We haven’t changed how you manage these items. We’ve simply put them all in one place in a way that we think you’ll find easier to use.

Plus, you can now select which gift cards your employees can redeem as rewards within your Rewards section using the ‘on-off’ switch under each card image.

In the new Budget section:

Buy the Qarrots you need as prizes for incentive campaigns and spot awards and transfer them to your Managers all within this section.

Remember that anyone you register as a “Manager” can also create incentive campaigns or give spot awards. But to do so, they need Qarrots from you. Simply transfer the number of Qarrots needed to your Managers and they can do the rest.

Our Reports section hasn’t changed!

Access your Reports section to check the performance rankings and redemption amounts for your employees and to review the prizes awarded by your managers. All your reports are exportable as Excel files.

In the new Resources section

Find helpful resources, including our Guidebooks section, Help sections, as well as our Terms and Privacy Policy.