New feature announcement: Direct Awards

After we announced the launch of our Free Starter Account back in February, the new account sign-ups started coming in…well, a bit slowly.

But then more sign-ups came.

And then more, and more.

The businesses signing up to try Qarrot cover a range of industries – from small retail stores, to service firms, to large restaurant chains. The one thing they all have in common is a concern for their employees’ engagement and motivation!

We’re glad they found us.

We take pride in the amount of customer feedback built into Qarrot. The software itself is largely designed based on our face-to-face meetings with business owners and their management staff.

We’ve continued to dialog with our customers at every opportunity and, guess what? We got more great ideas.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest feature, Direct Awards. Based entirely on customer feedback, Direct Awards let business owners and their managers give any member of their staff a ‘spot’ award for any reason and in any amount.

Say you want to recognize a staff member for doing something really well. With Direct Award, you can literally reward them in 30 seconds or less! That’s because Direct Award takes advantage of Qarrot’s other great features to provide a simple and fast process for giving out spot awards.

With Direct Award, you can customize your prize design and description, set how many rewards points you want to give, and include a personalized message. Your staff member gets notified right away and can redeem their Qarrot rewards points for digital gift cards from dozens of leading brands.

With that in mind, we want to thank our wonderful customers for their feedback and hope everyone enjoys this new feature!